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Our Story

the Mountain

The inspiration for Mountain Mala Co came from our study of Buddhism, meditation and vibrational healing combined with a love of crystals and jewelry. We live in Crested Butte, Colorado surrounded by the Elk Mountains and thus, our company name was born. 

Malas can help us heal or move us towards wholeness. Part of that journey is letting go of expectations of what healing means in any given situation. We have found that intentional use of a mala and the healing properties of the stone beads will lead one to best possible outcomes. That said, a mala is never meant to replace any medical or health professional's diagnosis and/or plan of treatment. A mala will add it's healing energy to any and all other methods of healing.


the Mala

A mala is a strand of 108 beads, plus marker beads from the Tibetan tradition, that collectively represent the universe. It helps focus attention and energy toward an intention and away from distraction.

  • The individual beads represent the beautiful aspects of life, strung together in a circle - no beginning or end.

  • The knots between each bead do make a mala stronger, but can also represent hardships in life.

  • The guru bead represents awareness and wholeness, which is the main goal during meditation.

  • The tassel, finish stone, or charm represents the ultimate connection to the divine.

Traditionally, malas are used during meditation or spiritual practices. However, you can use or wear your mala as you see fit or just carry it with you. All will help serve as a reminder for your intentions. Malas are generally 38-48" in circumference with a 1-3" tassel and hang approximately 24-28".

the Gemstones

Gemstones are known to have healing properties for the mind and body. The more energy you put into the beads, the more energy they absorb and reflect back to you. Click below to learn more about the different types of stones we use for beading.

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